How do you get your first kiss?

I've been dating this guy about 3 weeks now - but we haven't kissed yet. I really want to but am too nervous. How do I let him know (without telling him) that I want him to kiss me? And I've never kissed a guy, but he's kissed one other other. How do I know if he's going to kiss closed mouthed or french kiss?


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  • Try throwing signs at him. Like tilt your head to the side

    a LITTLE bit, while talkin' to him romantically.

    You'll know when he's going for a closed or french kiss.

    People usually start out with closed mouth kissing.

    Then slowly move into french kissing.

    You could always just jump on him! lol ;)

    Good luck.


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  • My first kiss: I was alone with my (now ex) bf, he said something sweet, so I just turned, grabbed him, and kissed him.

    If he's only kissed one other person before, chances are that he's not gonna french-kiss you automatically. It's just awkward, anyway, to start out with a french kiss. If you want to let him know, then use body language. Lean a little closer to him than usual. Rest your head on his shoulders. Stare at his lips. Look directly into his eyes and smile. Make sure your breath smells extra-fresh. Or, just skip all the dancing around and kiss him yourself if you think it's the right moment. Guys don't always pick up on hints, and the best ways are to either 1) tell him, or 2) kiss him yourself.

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