Texting with a girl I just met

So last week I was out and I met this girl and I got her number. In the beginning me and her were texting each other non stop. Then one morning I wake up and see a text from her saying I had a rough night last night but the good thing is I'm single now! That put a smile on my face! I text her back askin her what happen and she never responded back. A couple days went by and still no text back so I texted her don't stop talking to me I want you to really get to know me. She finally text back I'm going to be busy for the next couple of days. That was it. What should I think? Is she into me?


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  • If she was in the relationship for a long time it's possible she just wants to be single and have fun and might be texting a few different guys at the moment. Sorry to say it but if she was really interested in just you she probably would have texted you back ASAP. Maybe just give her some space for a while and if you really like her start chasing her again after she has had a chance to be single and independant for a while..

    • She just text me back that they got into a fight. I figured leaving her alone would be the best thing to do

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