This guy won't make a definite date?

So I went on one spur if the moment date with this guy and it was really good, we got a long really well and so I flat-out asked him if he wanted to see me again and he said hell ya.

So that night we texted each other until about 12:30 then he just stopped responding, I figured he fell asleep. I text the next day and we talked a bit just chit-chat. Then we stopped chatting as we both got busy. Then he text later that night and I tried to nail down a date but he kept saying soon, I explained I'm seeing a lot of family and friends in the near future so he needs to tell me a day so I can keep it free. He wanted to see me that night but I was busy. He said maybe we could do something Friday. Then he just stopped replying again.

So he won't nail down a date wants it to be random and doesn't bother saying goodnight- could he just be in for a shag?

He does keep mentioning me coming to his house for a movie and cuddling, but he doesn't say sex. He's made sex jokes but has never out and out implied sex and never said we would have sex if I came over- not anything near. But surely all the asking about me coming over and cuddling + the jokes = he wants sex


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  • I highly doubt he's just in it for sex, but you know this guy better than I do so that's your call... As for the dating part, he could be trying to work it into his schedule and get back to you on it. And maybe he fell asleep before saying nite? After all, it was midnight

    • See I only just met him through friends and we chatted for a few days on Facebook prior to my saying hey what are you doing right now on the night we had our date. We got along amazingly well on the date and our chat was great. I was definitely attracted to him and him to me. He didn't want the date to end at all.

  • He's probably just not in it for sex, but sex is always on a guys mind. He probably stopped texting because you guys couldn't figure it out. That's his job to nail down a date for you anyway, although you can help by saying when you're free.


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