Stopped texting me first after 2 days we had sex.

I feel like I did something wrong, I was feeling him. I really did like him... but now he doesn't text me first anymore. I know he used me... I feel so stupid. I went all the way with him, now there is no chance of us being together... it breaks my heart. He's on my mind all day... I don't know what to do anymore. I really don't want to move on, I wish I can fix things between us.

How long should I wait until I know he has completely lost interest? Is this a bad sign that he stopped texting me first?
He texted me last night... so apparently he thought I didn't want to talk to him anymore. :\


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  • Seems like a real jerk move. I mean what a classy thing to do *sarcastically*. I can't stand guys who only hook up for sex...Unless the girl only wants that too then I suppose that's fine. I would/could never have sex with someone who I didn't have feelings for. If I don't feel an emotional attraction, I don't feel a physical one either. It sucks you happened to be with a guy who's a jerk...Assuming he doesn't text/call you back soon. It's guys like that that make all men look like inconsiderate jerks.


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  • Wow, I know that can be hard when you feel for someone, but try to write something from the heart that you want him to see and if he keep acting like that just prove to him you strong and can move on. He might see you differently.

    • I might just move on... I liked him for 5 years... and now this is so heart breaking. I'll just keep living, if he ever comes back asking me to hook up. I'm gonna walk away. I really do hate myself right now.

  • Aww sorry to hear this, you didn't do anything wrong.

    To be honest trying to resolve one of these situations with a guy like this is just time wasted wishing because as much as you want you, you can't control them. Spending time around people who make you feel good will definitely help.

    Really hope you start feeling better :( !

    • Thank you so much :\

    • No worries, sorry I know that's not the ideal ending or what you wanted to read. Try to think of it as this creep is the one whos missing out from this not you ! Also the fastest way to get over some one is to find a new special some one so dress to impress and get back out there :-)

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  • Do you have a question, or did you just need to vent?

    • Sorry... I updated the question. I wanted to vent as well :\

    • To be honest, it sounds like you already know the answer to your question. He used you and he's not interested in anything more, sorry :[ People suck sometimes, its best to just chin up and move on. I hope you feel better!