Do you think if a guy stays around to the very end and makes sure to tell you bye, he likes you?

He was at his band practice, which is at my house. I have been friends with him for a couple years.

We flirt. We pick, tease and even had sex a couple times, well 4 possible 5...but months have gone by, and he acts so aloof. I have gotten drunk, and text some crazy embarrassing stuff..well, cats outta the bag, I'm sure he realizes I have a slight crush.

even though, he continues to pick, tease...etc. etc..and the last two band nights, he has waited til everyone left or out of room, looked me right in eyes and said his goodbyes...

hes very shy, and I think that is a pretty good sign, he may like me too...he never respond to text, maybe once when he was half lite...but he hangs out at least 2 through the week and stays over on the weekends...I have tried sexual advances on him for the last couple weeks, but he has straight rejected me...but being so flirty? I don't understand this dude...sigh what do y'all think?


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  • either mind games or he likes you too much to have sex with you just like a hook up.

    maybe he wants it to be more.

    or he's bored.

  • i think its very possible he might just need time.


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