Crushes and texting and then being quiet. *annoyed!*

Why would a guy that knows you have a crush on him, flirt with you at times, and then be aloof at other times? He will go a few weeks without texting, and then sends flirty messages for a while. We went to a movie together a few weeks ago, and he had no issue at all with my car being parked at his house, and didn't act weird when his sister (That I went to school with, saw us there afterward. I liked him in school but am painfully shy, and so it took a long time for me to talk to him.) But then, he has made comments to people that I am really sweet but I am more into us than he is. It is not like I am suffocating him with messages. I will post a like or whatever here or there on Facebook, but I won't text his phone for weeks until I hear something from him. We are both adults. He got into big trouble with an affair while in the army, and I got burnt bad by a guy a few years ago. So considering both of our pasts, should I figure that he actually does like me at all or what? I am annoyed and frustrated during his quiet times.


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  • I think he likes you a bit, but maybe not quite enough, or maybe he doesn't realize it enough, to do more about, or to put more effort into the relationship.

    That said, it may be your collective pasts making you both wary of each other, so you're both keeping a safe emotional distance because you don't want to get hurt again. Perhaps in that situation, it might be best to just let it happen, as if you both want it to happen, and it is meant to, it will, even if it takes a while for you both to overcome your fears and get closer. If it doesn't happen that you grow closer, then maybe he doesn't want to, and really, relationships work best if both people really want to be there, and want to be with the other person.

    My two cents anyways.

    • Thank you so much for your answer. It's nice to get a guy's opinion on the situation. I want to just let it happen, and hope that he is interested. It's just that it's frustrating, and at times it can make a girl feel like a puppet or something.

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