How often should you text your boyfriend?

Me and this guy started dating a few days ago. It's summer right now so we can't see each other in school. We usually text, but sometimes it's just a boring conversation. Like "Hey", "Hey", "What's up?", "Nothing much. You?". So yeah, and those are never any fun. But then we have those hilarious conversations where we can't stop laughing.

So since it's summer, how often should I text him? We never get to see each other until school starts. I was thinking of FaceTimeing him. Do you think he would like that? I just don't want him to think that I'm ignoring him by not texting him all the time, but then if we text every day we just have one of those boring conversations.


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  • There's no right amount of texting, really. You have to feel it out. I think texting should only be reserved for short, "hey there, thinking of you texts", meeting ups, updates or for clarifying something.

    I would make it a practice not to have conversations over text. It's arduous, you can't get all your thoughts out fast enough and a lot of things can get lost in translation. I say you should use the phone portion of you 'phone' or yes, definitely Face Time if you can.