Getting a second date??

Guys, I went on a first date last night. At the end of it, he mentioned meeting up again sometime soon and sent a text this morning thanking me for a nice evening. How do I show interest in seeing him again without seeming obnoxiously eager? Thanks!

Thanks, he actually called the next day and asked me out! :)


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  • Leave it a couple of days - I mean, feel free to chat to him, but don't bring up a second date immediately.

    If he hasn't said anything within this day or the next, then bring it up yourself. Just like - hey - I had a nice time the other evening, how about we do something like that again ... this weekend/sometime soon.

    A lot of girls feel like they should leave it to the guy; but in some cases that could be detrimental to you, as could leaving it too long. I'm imagining the guy asked for the first date, he put his interest out for a second, and now is just waiting for you to make you move so he knows you're on the same page. I dated this guy once, and we've since become friends, and apparently that's where it fell down for us. He had made all the previous moves and was waiting for me to return the favor because he felt like I wasn't as interested.

    And leaving it too long can create too much distance, again maybe make him feel like you're not too interested, and give him time to maybe meet someone else. I'm not saying he'll be out looking for someone, but just you know, happen upon someone.

    So yeah, a day or two. Like I said, you don't have to set anything concrete either before you ask, but just make sure you let him know you're interested in doing something soon.

  • Let him bring it up, he knows where to reach you at for a second date.