Any tips for a first time meet up with a girl?

hey ppl, I like a girl and I have chatting with her on fb for many months now. I finally have asked if she would like to hang out with me..and she said yes ! This is a first time experience for me .. Can anyone give me any general tips on how can I make a good first impression on her.. ? ( I had met her earlier..but very few times in a crowded class which got over a long time ago )


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  • 10 Ways To Make A Great First Impression:

    1. Don't come empty handed. Buy a dozen roses, a box of chocolate, a stuffed teddy bear. Anything.

    2. Show up on time. Even if she's not ready, be patient and allow her to finish up. '

    3. Try to get a hair cut, wear your best outfit depending on where you're going, take a shower and smell super nice. Don't ever over do it on the cologne. We hate that.

    4. Be a gentlemen throughout, open doors, let her order first unless she passes, ect.

    5. Be attentive, engaging. Ask questions. Share your thoughts.

    6. Follow her cues. If she's leaning in, laughing a lot, touching you a lot, she's having a good time. If she's a little distant, not smiling much, not touching at all, then you've got a little more work to do.

    7. Depending on what you do and where the date ends, you should have a pretty clear idea on whether or not it went well. If you don't know about whether or not you should end the date with a kiss, give her a really nice manly hug, and a kiss on the either her cheek or forehead. Whichever feels more appropriate.

    8. If you like her, ask her for a second date right then and there. She may say yes, no, or let me check my calendar and get back. Whatever the case, establish that you're interested and would like to set something up.

    9. If you tell her you're going to call...Do it. Within a reasonable amount of time. Like the next day or night. A quick text to say how great of a time you had could rack up (get some ass points) if she's feeling you too.

    10. I don't have anything for 10. But I needed a nice round number. Happy Dating! And good luck!


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  • Open the door for her (if she is a super feminist it might bother her but most girls will appreciate the gesture). Plan to pay (but realize she may want to pay for herself and don't fight her too hard if she brings it up). Try to relax and think about whether You like Her instead of trying to make her like you. Make her laugh if you can. If you have any stories of accomplishing a goal or living through danger, see if you can work those into the conversation.

  • be a gentleman

    thats the best advice I can give you

    smile , look at her, listen to her, open the door for her , give her your jacket if its cold, protect her, as in you know what I mean..dont be desperate don't cling to her, don't call her on the same day after the date but do make sure she gets home safe.


    • plus be true to her about your feeling. If you only want to be her friend, let her know about it. That is for being a gentleman. Guys usually like to disappear after the first meeting if he doesn't like the girl. That is very rude and it may hurt the girl.

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