Didn't make plans, but didn't say no.....

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. normally when we're together, we at least try to make plans for the next time we'll see each other. last time I saw him was this past weekend and he brought the subject up, saying that he was off Saturday but had his kids, and didn't have his schedule yet to know what his days off next week are.

we'd talked earlier in the day about how horrible his jobs been lately. overworked, understaffed, hiring new people to work the shift he's been asking for. I know he's stressed out over it.

I make my own schedule, I mentioned something about letting me know before I turned it in (Friday) and the subject was dropped. He's been kinda quiet since he left. Still contacts me as much, but doesn't really talk much and isn't as cutesy and flirty. So last night I texted him a "Sooo when do I get to see you again? Just curious :)" he responded that he had his kids this weekend and I told him I knew that I just didn't know if he wanted to make plans for next week or not, and that it was up to him.

I assumed if he didn't want to see me I'd get something along the lines of I'm super busy next week or even I'm in the middle of something right now, lets figure it out later. instead he sends "Well yeah I do! Still don't know which days I have off. You could always come over some morning if you didn't have (my daughter)"

So that's a good sign that its just work stress that's got him distracted right? and my whole he's losing interest paranoia is in my head?


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  • He's probably just work stressed. You'll have to give it more time before you start thinking he's losing interest in you. If he continues to do this more and more as the weeks go on then it might be a sign that he's not interested, but it's way too early to tell. I'd say just stay patient and let his business life settle down a little.


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