What does her short response really mean?


I have been dating a girl recently who could not decide whether to be with me or another man. I finally got fed up with it - when I asked whether or not she could pick she said she " wants to be with me but didn't want to hurt (other guys name) cause he is being nice to her"

I told her not cool to date two people at one time so go be with him for now. And that I had a great time being with her, but maybe in the future we can try again...

she didn't respond for a long time then just said "k" and signed off.

whats that all about? can't decide if she's upset or just doesn't give a care in the workd about me!


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  • she wanted to be with you but she doesn't want to hurt the other guy or she is confused of what she wants when I respond k to anyone I am upset,angry or something else.

    I don't know maybe she just doesn't know what she wants or maybe she really wants to be with you but she doesn't want to hurt the other guy so she doesn't know what to do=/

    or she doesn't care like some girls have said.


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  • Doesn't seem like she cares, and honestly, you shouldn't waste your time with her. You can find someone way better. If a girl really likes you, then she will be with you, no questions asked. However, she's giving some bullsh*t excuse not to be with you, and like I said, you can do better than a girl who gives a response like that.


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  • This is tricky. I think she just cannot decide. But it is better if you ask her.

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