Ladies: Why does the door permantly close?

I'm talking about the window of opportunity a guy that fancies you or that you like has. I can understand you losing potential feelings for a guy/crush that hasn't asked you out as yet, but what I want to know is do those feelingsyou have for them completely go away and if circumstances were to change, why would they never come back?



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  • If I'm understanding what you're saying... the window closes when I believe they don't understand me or even have a general understanding of the things I believe. Also if they don't share similar values I know I can't get along with them in a close relationship. Basically, given the situation, if I don't feel like the other person understands what I'm all about, I doubt they would a few years later so the window closes.

    I still remember things about them that I liked or admired but any desire for a proper relationship is gone. It doesn't mean I never entertain the what if in my head though... of course only while I'm single.


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  • The feeling that you have been rejected in a way before can make it hard to want another try at it. I don't know about other females, but after a while if I am rejected, then my feelings for the person cool off.

    • lets say you weren't rejected, but things couldn't happen at the time. do you lose those feelings/crush you may have had? And if you did (which is likely) could that desire be re-lit

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    • Good to hear and thanl you for answering :)

    • Sure thing! :)

  • If you like him, they don't close unless you start liking someone else more.

    If you aren't into him, there might be a window where he could entertain a shot at you, but the odds aren't really in his favor anyway.


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