Guys is it too much for a girl to be fixed up a lot on a first date?

The times I have gone out on dates, I go all out, I am just the type that has to look the best that I can no matter what, that is just what I love doing (Getting dolled up). I am a girlie girl. But does that come across as being conceited or something? Because when people get to know me, they say they thought I was stuck up and conceited. But then they say I'm too nice and friendly. So guys, is it okay if I still get all dolled up on my first dates? What would you think of a girl going all out on her appearance?


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  • It's nice, I don't see any problem with it.

    I also wouldn't think you're conceited based on how you dress, but rather from your personality.

  • It's fine with me, but I might be worried that you expected some really expensive dinner.


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