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so I tried online dating, didn't work, however I met a guy who found me cute and I felt the same. I deleted my account and added him on fb. in our last convo he never answered me. now that I have his fb (by the way I added him, and he accepted) should I message him? I do want to get to know him but I feel like there are so many rules I'm scared, for no reason! this is not normal lol any words of advise? do I say, I wana meet him I just don't know how to handle this process


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  • I think the rules are what you make of them. You can always message him and suggest hanging out and doing osmething like bowling, movie, pool, dinner or lunch or even a cup of coffee some where some where. It can just be a casual setting. I don't think you should be scared. Don't paniac. Just be yourself and be calm and cool. Those are some things you and him can do to talk more in person. I think he is waiting for you to make a move or suggest something.

    • okay, thanks! :)

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    • he answered and said he would love to! ha ha thank you so much! :D

    • Nice :) that is good. You are very welcome. I'm very glad that he repsonded back to you. That is good news. hahaha Lol :D

  • Start commenting on his recent posts to build some rapport. Eventually he'll post something about wanting to go somewhere and ask for people to join in.

    • i was thinking that. so sending a message would be to forward I'm guessing? lol do I have a better chance of getting him to respond if I just comment?

    • Depends on the content. If you just friended him, it isn't weird to go through his whole profile and comment on a picture or comment here and there. Just don't overwhelm him by liking 200 photos. There is only so many notifications that I person is willing to read.

    • haha! okay ill keep that in mind, thanks

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