I really really want to get a date?

I'm 21 never had a boyfriend or a proper date... please helppp!:(


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  • Call me.

    LOL! Only kidding. Look, just be PATIENT, you WILL, I PROMISE! The FIRST thing you need to do is make it known that you are AVAILABLE. I have NO IDEA what you look like and how you "fit" into society's definitions of attractiveness so I can't help you on that end. What I CAN say is, believe it or not, the better looking you are, the harder it often can be. Why? Easy--MANY times when a guy sees an EXTREMELY attractive girl he just ASSUMES she's taken. He ASSUMES he'll be rejected. So, the girl you THINK would have guys just HANGING from her is often the one who is COMPLETELY ALONE AND DATELESS! I am serious as a heart-attack here.

    You want to make it known that you are, in fact, available; but you DON'T want to even SEEM as if you're in the least bit "desperate". If only I could practice what I preach, huh? But it's true. If you seem desperate or clingy or needy you will only tell guys the OPPOSITE of what you want and you will have trouble finding a GOOD guy. BAD guys are a dime a dozen and you WILL run into your fair share. They are EVERYWHERE. They are the guys that drop their phone numbers everywhere they go on every chick they see. If a guy you've never seen before comes in to where you work and asks you out and gives his number, TOSS IT! The GOOD guys will RARELY--IF EVER--do something like that. They will start coming in when you're there, the'll start talking to you a little more, etc., THEN ask you out or give your their number. I think you see what I mean.

    The NEXT thing is once you make it known or obvious that you're available (for Pete's sake, DON'T wear a ring on your WEDDING FINGER if you're looking for somebody!) and you DON'T make yourself appear DESPERATE for the first thing that comes along, you need to put yourself in situations where you will be likely to MEET somebody--it's best if you go somewhere that YOU enjoy. Go to an activity YOU enjoy. When somebody approaches you at an event or activity that YOU enjoy you can be reasonably certain that it's something HE likes to do as well, so you've already got something to talk about. From there, it's all up to you!

    Good luck, you really sound like a sweetheart and you WILL, I PROMISE, find somebody.

    • your sweet. Any tips on how to make myself look more approachable. I don't think I'm very pretty but not ugly either, so any ways I can tell the guy I at least like him as a friend without coming off as desperate or a bitch lol would help:)

    • Well, first is to NOT wear a ring on your "wedding finger". Second is to simply be yourself and be friendly. Smile. One thing that will DEFINITELY get a guy to notice you (and THIS is POTENT) is to look at him. Once he sees you looking, shyly smile and shyly look away or down. DON'T look like you just got caught stealing! The trick is to appear "coy". Once he sees that you've looked at him and "been busted" (which is what you INTENDED to do) and shyly looked away, HE HAS NOTICED YOU!

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  • First off, what have you been doing to get a date? Being friendly will help because it'll give you the confidence to talk to people, men and women.

    Try asking friends to set you up, going to things you're interested in and talking to the people there, trying to get dates online, or asking guys out yourself. If a guy turns you down, just say you were doing a survey for a school paper about how people react to getting approached for dates. That use to be my game and it worked because it didn't make it "real".

  • Please use Google, since what valuable advice can anyone give you if they don't even know one thing about how you are. There are so many helpful sites, read them!

  • try POF or OKC plenty of desperate guys there.


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  • Try dating sites. I met my fiance online. I've actually met some really nice people though dating sites.

    • I can't do that... I'm not actually allowed to date so if it shows up on my credit card statements which my mom will read mine, because culturally that's accepted lol.

      any other ways? Anything I can do? I'm really really trying to be prettier.

    • Aww but there are free sites myyearbook is in interesting cite and so is espinthebottle.There's a lot just google it.

    • I want to address one more thing here: You REALLY need to STOP saying or feeling that "you're not pretty enough" and that sort of thing. If you FEEL that way you will APPEAR that way, when I'll bet just about anything that you're actually beautiful. Don't be afraid to wear your body and face with pride and know that you are one of a kind. Be CONFIDENT in who you are (but NOT snobby) and be friendly. What more can anybody ask of you? You are who you are and you WILL FIND SOMEBODY!