Why does this happen often?

OK so I could never have a guy friend because they always wanna take me to bed am I doing something wrong? That every guy I talk to just wants that? And doesn't take the time to know me as a person all they do is see the outside how can I change that?


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  • You can't, to a large extent.

    All young guys, pretty much, are really horny, unless something is wrong. Some control it for religious reasons. And if you're attractive, men are going to notice that _first_ for a long time.

    Now this doesn't mean that guys will never see you for more then that. But it will always be 'more'. Not 'instead of'.

    No, most guys cannot be friends with you if they find you attractive.

    And no, becoming friends first is NOT how relationships normally work. You don't have to have sex instantly either, but most relationships start out as 'getting to know each other and flirting and at least kissing with the understanding there is an interest in more as the relationship develops'.


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