Insights as to why he just dissapeared?

I dated this guy for 6 weeks - 7 dates. We both fancied each other like mad. Hadn't slept together as we were both taking it quite slow but did get a bit heated when I slept over on the 6th night. Sometimes we'd just sit up all night and not sleep.

The last time I seen him he seemed how he always is with me, we kissed goodbye, he told me to text him when I got home, he went away on work for a couple of days after but he still text me a few times then when he got back from work he headed straight back up home for a week. I got a text to let me know he was there then heard nothing from him the rest of the week I knew what day he was coming back, so I sent a text the day after asking if he was home. He seemed completely off with me didn't really say/ask much just that he had been busy with work and asked how I was. I then left him another week until the end of the week and text just to see how work was going he told me he was away on work, asked how I was again to which I said I was good and asked if he was free any night this week. 4 days later I hadn't heard nothing and I had driven past his house, his car was there...

I threw the towel in after 4 days of waiting for a simple reply and told him that this wasn't working for me and I didn't think it was for him either, that I though things were going okay but since he'd been back I didn't feel that way. I told him to correct me if I was wrong but if not I had some fun times and told him to take care.

I just don't understand because he was always making future plans for us.

He took me to meet one of his best friends

Talked about if I ever met his parents

Didn't try and rush me

Told me to sort a passport out in case he wanted to take me away

Always apologized if it took him hours/a day to reply because of his work

But as soon as he come back he just changed

Oh and before he went he said we would have to sort out meeting up again when he got back home...
Neither of us were dating anyone else and I'd always get to spend either a Friday or Saturday night with him


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  • Maybe he came across another woman when he was away. I'm sorry this happened. It's f***ing guys like this who seem good that make women resist the ones who are genuine.


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  • you pushed him a bit. I see why as it is frustrating when a guy is disappeared. I guess he just did not know what to tell you,

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