Do you believe that I should pursue this situation?

met this guy Friday at a bar, we kissed and exchanged numbers

-he invited me out again the next night, I said no

-hes gone back home 4 hrs away, but has been texting me non stop since Friday (it is now Thursday)

-I did not expect him to keep interest since he doesn't even live here much less keep talking to me so much

-i have never been able to text someone for so long without getting bored

-he wants to come back and take me out but I will be in oz for a month before he can get here

-Might this go anywhere? or just a case of a guy who likes things he can't have haha

I didn't mean for the texting part to sound negative, I have never had a guy this interested in me and I love it, but am trying not to be naive


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  • Apparently, he'd like it to go somewhere, but you seem to be getting a kick out of the idea that he most likely won't be able to get you. "Guy who likes things he can't have"...

    If you don't intend to want this to go anywhere I would say not to pursue him. And if you hate texting so much, try using the phone and having full conversations. Texting should be reserved for confirmations and check ins.

    I don't think you intend to, but it sounds like you're playing games and will end up only stringing him along. If he's a nice guy, I hope you don't screw him up for the other ladies.

    • its more like, I would be willing to give it a shot with dating, but I'm not sure if he is so interested in me solely because I appeared hard to get. I wasn't trying to seem this way, I just assumed all he wanted was a one night stand, only to be shocked that he hasn't stopped texting me despite how inconvenient I am to pursue (given the distance)

    • Well, I definitely thinks he likes you. When a man makes an effort to contact you that often, you are at the top of his to do pun intended. Go for it. I think this will good. I have a good feeling about him.

    • awesome thanks for the help

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  • It's always hard to tell if it'll go anywhere of its a case of a guy who likes things he can't have. But honestly, guys like that don't persue girls that are far, just girls that play hard to get. Personally, I think this is worth a shot at least. Sure, it may not suddenly be deep love, but, what's to loose? Might as well give him a chance. Best case scenario: you go on a few dates, realize he's really, truly cool, and sees that he cares about you. Worst: you go on one date, realize he's not for you (whether it's because he's not as fun as his texts seem, or he's an a**hole, or makes it clear he doesn't want a real relationship, etc). With things in between of course. I say, pursue it.

    • that is pretty much what I am thinking, I just thought I would get some more opinions in case someone else could spot a major red flag or something. Also because we were both drunk at the bar, and that's the only real life impression of each other that we have; I don't want to start becoming emotionally invested to find out that we are not the same to each other in real life as in text. he would afterall have to drive 4 hrs one way just to go on a date, pressure! haha

  • I think that you should you accept his invitation when ever he comes but you should make yourself exclusive, because you don't know yet if things will ever work

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