Why doesn't my boyfriend ever tell anyone that he's "taken"?

my boyfriend is close with me and is open and tells me things and he's told em who his friends are and I've even met some of them and he has assured me that they're platonic. We also have met each others families and do sleepovers and he's met my best friend, etc...

Now to his co-workers and random people in public, he doesn't say that he's taken. Why is this?

  • Doesn't like everyone to know his business
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  • Likes to keep his personal life private from certain ppl
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  • For business purposes/ to avoid drama (a lot of his friends are girls- platonic)
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  • Possibly cheating on me
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p.s - my boyfriend does escorts and sells weed..


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What Guys Said 1

  • What do you mean he doesn't tell them he is taken? Do they ask if he has a girlfriend? Or if he talks about you, he doesn't talk about you like his girlfriend?

    • ya our families and close friends know but he doesn't want his co-workers knowing...

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    • i don't like certain people knowing my business - if its someone who doesn't like me or if I don't trust someone, or if its for business purposes I don't tell people about my personal life...

    • Well then there you go, you have your answer

What Girls Said 1

  • He could be afraid of commitment. I know it may not seem that way because you two are really close, but something as small as telling people that he doesn't know as well as his family and friends could easily set off the fear of commitment. I had this problem with a boy I was dating, our close friends knew, our families knew, we're best friends, but he couldn't tell a lot of his friends from back home who he assured and reassured me were platonic friends. It really irritated me since he said I was one of the best girlfriends he's ever had and we honest to god were best friends. We broke up for a while and then got back together and now he tells everyone about me. According to him he was afraid of commitment, and being away from me made him really miss being with me and got him over that fear, so now he doesn't care who knows.

    He could also just think they aren't important enough to know those intimate details about his life, or likes to keep things like that to himself.

    Or he's cheating on you. That is the bad answer, but it could be a possibility, but don't freak out about it, or try to pry into it.

    • well he is a private person, plus females do get jealous and cause drama...he tells that he loves me and talks about marriage with me later on...plus he sells weed and he repairs and sells phones and he says girls are his best customers.