Have you ever talked to a girl without wanting it to get anywhere? someone did that to me and I don't get it.

we have talked for four months. he called and texted and we hung out. basically what normal couples would do.

he warned me he did not want a girlfriend. he said he would cheat if he had one and was not ready. basically he was serious with a girl but he ended up being flirty with other girls and at the same time she ended it with him because they had arguments. after that, I guess he was closed off to finding the right girl. I don't know if he is emotionally unavailable.

i took the risk and thought it could be different with me..but after a few months, he has been acting distant. when I asked why..he said that he felt I was getting lead on. I said I was not even though it was a complete lie..but he is still acting unusual. we used to text 24 7 and now he does not reply sometimes. I asked him if he still wanted to talk and he said yes..so idk.

i need to end it because it is not fair for me. I just wanted to know why guys do this? he would usually text different girls and stop after a week or two. he talked to me for months so I thought he really liked me and I was different. I don't know any more. maybe walking away will make him see what he had.?


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  • It sounds like you are almost for him. You are probably a really good listener and easy to joke around with and he probably finds you somewhat attractive but you just aren't quite what he needs. You shouldn't get your hopes up that he will come around if you move on. I think you should move on though and maybe later down the road he will change his mind but there isn't a great chance for that.

    • yea I agree. I mean, he keeps going into relationships with his heart closed..just wanting company. and that is not he type of girl I am. maybe if he was ready for a relationship, it would have been great but he is very set on the fact that he does not want anything.

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  • In all fairness he did warn you before hand. I give him props for being honest. Us girls can't handle stuff like that. I'd say move on (:

    • yea I give him props too. he never hid anything. I thought something could develop but we can never have a "mans" mind. so I don't know maybe the fact that he is closed off makes it impossible to let someone in.

    • You know, I know from experience that we can come up with one hundred and million reasons why.. and after awhile I realize I'm making excuses for him when the answer is simple. If a guy really wants to be with a girl, he'll do everything he can to let her know. It just feels better to be in denial :/ but hey, you deserve someone that will feel the same.

    • yea you're absolutely right. we were very happy and he just pulled away. I don't know if it is because he was developing feelings and did not want to or felt I was getting attached. either way, I am stopping. I don't know whether I should just slowly stop or if I should let him know.