Does this guy sound like he would stick around after sex?

I've been hanging out and fooling around with this guy for several months now, but I realized I can't keep sleeping with him. It's not just sex when we hang out. We give each other massages, talk about life, watch TV and movies, play and joke around with each other, and sometimes stay the night with each other. He even offered to come see me at work and he did. Does it sound like we could still hang out without the sex? If we did, do you think we would see each other more or less?


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  • I don't understand what you're asking. Why do you have to stop?

    • It's getting too hard to not get emotionally attached.. but I'm worried if I do stop he might not want to hang out.. so I'm wondering if it sounds like he might be the kind of guy that would still hang out

    • You could ask him. Sry idk.

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  • what do you want? You seem to get on just fine. do you propose that now you just stop sex? and then expect no reaction? maybe clarify what you are looking for. OK?


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  • Well it sounds like you want more of a commitment rather than just stop having sex with him. Talk to him, let him know how you feel. You want reassurance of his feelings and intentions with you. It sounds like he's treating you more than just a friends with benefits type of thing but that doesn't always mean he's looking for something serious with you.

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