What's the next step you take when a guy says he likes you?

So this guy tells a girl he likes her, and they don't know each other that well. What would it take the girl to get him as her boyfriend?

Step by step and with how long everything would take please :)

Guys can answer too of course.
I'm just curious, it's different for everyone I suppose.

Give me an answer please :|


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  • Hang out with him more. And they can get to know each other better. It's easy if they start out as friends before jumping into a relationship. I know this from experience. So baby steps first.

    When I asked my girlfriend out, I took her to the movies, the park, and a theme park. We played 20 questions as an icebreaker game, and I honestly got to know her better. It's all about the timing. Don't rush anything. Just let time play its part, and leave it to chance.


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