Why don't guys ever approach/show interest in me? What am I doing wrong?

I'm 18 and I'm not ugly or fat or anything, nor am I drop dead gorgeous. I consider myself smart (not nerdy kind of smart but I get good grades so I suppose I'm smart to an extent?), outgoing, friendly and I'm just a happy-go-lucky person. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, go clubbing, etc. and have never done any of those things. Plus I've never kissed anyone before. LOL. People are shocked when they hear it from me because it's not like I'm an ugly, smelly geek or anything. I love football (soccer as you Americans call it :p), am a TOTAL adrenaline junkie, love traveling and I like artsy cultural kinds of activities. I laugh a lot with my friends cause I'm naturally just an eternally jovial person (only with people I know, though. I'm rather shy and reserved with strangers). I dress up, wear some make up, do my hair and stuff like that so I'm not a total slob or anything, neither am I fake (I've been friends with super straightforward people and if I were they'd tell me). The thing is, I've never had a guy approach me and/or start talking to me. Ever. My sister gets approached really often (in car rental stores, shops, etc.) and so do my friends! For instance, there's a guy who was sitting next to my friend in class and he just started talking to her and now they're friends. I've never had that happened to me before. What am I doing wrong?


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  • If you get on with sis, ask her for hints. See a cute guy, ask something that needs a sentence to answer, maybe something silly (what kind of car to rent, think there is a choice of color; for car rental shop)...if you can, something that can be answered in a couple of ways...and allows a reply from you, if you like.

    It gets easier, and please, some guys will not answer...not everyone is always in the mood to chat...

    Remember, always have a smile, that works wonders...

  • I might suggest you are a bit more attractive than you are letting on. It can be quite confronting to a guy if they find you really attractive. Maybe your extremely bright and cheerful personality is intimidating. All I can say is that they most definitely don't know what a good time there missing if you are the way you described.


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