They all think I tried kissing him?

we were at a party I had just broken up with my boyfriend so I started sitting next to my friend and playing around with him and everybody else was sitting in a little circle and every now and then they would turn around and look at us and honestly I was just playing with my friend I wasn't even thinking of kissing him I was just laughing and head butting him but that's it I guess it look like we were flirting because we had our faces really close but still I don't know why now they are saying I was trying to kiss him and sh*t and it wasn't a rumor that started by one person (I'm guessing) since everyone saw what was going on and they agree that I was trying to kiss him -.-

how should I deal with this stupid drama ?

Also should I text my friend confirming that I wasn't trying to kiss him?


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  • I'd ignore it and let everyone think what thet want plus it will be old news soon.