Should I meet him or not?

This guy that I know and I have been talking just like normal, and then he asked me for pictures. I got upset and explained to him I wasn't that type of girl and then he told me he wasn't wanted that kind, he just wanted something where he could see me, and that he had a girlfriend. After that, we kept talking and stuff and he started acting different. Like one night I had a stomach ache and he asked me why it was hurting and I told him because it was a medical problem then he said he was really sorry and he could kiss it and make it better. Then another night when I asked what he was doing he told me he was thinking about me. Lately he's been asking to meet me to do different things like play basketball and go swimming. Should I meet him? Or should I not?

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  • How old is he? this is HIGHLY risky and you are far too young, especially with so little information about him, something like this you need absolute certainty with. Perhaps a little in the future when you are older and make sure you meet in a public place and you make your intentions clear

    • Thanks. I'm going to do exactly what you said.

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    • yeah :D, God bless and good luck!

    • Thanks again :D

  • Prolly not. But if you do, make sure friends are with you and it's a public place.


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