Did I act immaturely and did he deserve it?

Were 16. Two months ago, I said to a guy "we should hangout tomorrow" since we were at the same vacation place. We had mutually flirted HEAVILY for 7 months (physical contact, EVERYTHING you can imagine), and he only flirted with me, therefore thought he liked me. But he said "ill see cause I made plans already so I don't know, ill let you know" aka no, because when I reject a guy I always say the "ill let you know" line. I accepted this and was planning to act as if nothing happened. But when we got back to school, all of his friends knew that I liked him, he did so much stuff for my attention,tried to flirt with me even after rejecting me! Him showing off to the guys (I've rejected 2 of his best friends) pissed me off. Its like dude if you're gonna reject me, don't let the entire school know. So I ignored him, literally acted as if he didn't exist. Unless he talked to me, I answered appropriately but really cold, to be honest a little bit of a bitch. He began contact in person like 10 times, and in text twice (I gave short answers). My friends even said that my whole aura changes when he´s around. I deleted him from MSN, because I know I won't get over him if I see his name constantly lol. So, did he deserve being ignored?And did I act right? Some will say he's a player, but he only flirted with me. Were in summer vacations so we Haven't spoken. Also, how should I act if he tries flirting with me in the future? Of course, when I get back to school I´ll act cool but never as chitty chatty and playful as we used to be.

He hurt me by telling his friends.


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  • Let me get this straight... you asked the guy to hang out ONCE, and he told you that he might have other plans (it's NORMAL to make plans when you're on vacation!), and for that, you completely cut him out?

    IMO, that was a HUGE overreaction and quite immature. The MATURE thing would be to talk to him and just ask him how he feels about you. And by acting this way, you assure that the only guys who approach you in the future will be the ones just looking to bang you, because none of the nice guys will want a girl with such an attitude.

    This isn't standing up for yourself (you should always do THAT), this is going WAY overboard because you felt hurt and rejected because YOU initiated and didn't get a solid "yes." What if he'd reacted like you did? You'd never want to approach a guy again, yet that's how you're making most guys feel about YOU.

    • Were 16, he said "We?ll see cause I'm going skiing tomorrow so I don't know, Ill let you know". Those were his EXACT words. He didn't "let me know". He could have suggested another day. This would have been 1st time hanging out outside of school. And we flirted for 7 months, when did he plan to ask me out? I can't ask how he feels about me because he'd probably go around telling everyone, as he did by spreading that I liked him, when I just suggested meeting up.

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    • Being indifferent is being able to smile, because you didn't care about the outcome either way. A poker face means you're intentionally trying to conceal your feelings, which means you have something to conceal, which means HE WINS. I'm not trying to argue or anything; I'm just giving you tips to help you keep your position strong in the future.

    • Yeah, totally understand. I just didn't want him to give him the pleasure of bragging to his friends that I liked him if he wasn't going to do anything about it. So, by reacting the way I did, their friends would be like "dude what the hell are you talking about that chick?s not into you", but if I went smiling and all casual his friends would be like "dude she is so into you even though ure not even chasing her!" get my point?thanks for the advise tho

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  • You completely overreacted and are acting like a child. The guy didn't reject you, he just told you he already had plans that night (newsflash, he was on vacation and does in fact have a life outside of you). Just because you use the "I have plans" line to reject people doesn't mean everyone does. Some people actually have a social life and don't just ditch their friends to go out with some girl from school.

    • to be honest, you don't go skiing for an entire day. he could have suggested another day since we didn't even had a time fixed.he could have texted me to "let me know".And we had flirted for 7 months more than enough for him asking me out. We had never hung out outside of school. Honestly it feels as if he led me on, he played me.

    • Yes, actually most people typically do go skiing for an entire day. Lift tickets are expensive and it usually takes awhile to get to/from the mountain and get all your gear sorted out, so leaving after just a couple of hours is a waste. It's also exhausting so most people don't feel like doing much after a day of skiing. He was on vacation and probably had a lot of stuff planned. You shouldn't expect guys to break their plans to hang out with you.

    • it wasn't skiing I don't know why I wrote that we were at the beach lol!it was surfing!im not bothered about him not going, I'm pissed about why he told all of his friends that I liked him when those words never came out of my life. just, did he play me?

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  • Keep ignoriing him, he had that coming and he just sound like he's no good..

    • But to be honest, he was the first guy I actually liked, I've rejected alllllll of them! And even before this crap happened, we got teased about him liking me (before I liked him). This is just messed up. I still kinda like him a tiny bit, feelings are still there. What if he flirts?I know for a fact he liked me, not wanting a relationship that's what I wonder.

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