Please help: My best friend/ex boyfriend is in a very sticky situation and it really bugs me.

Hi everyone, I've known this guy since I was 11 years old. We dated for 3 years (we dated from 16 until 19.) Anyway, he's a marine now and met this girl 5 months ago. She has completely manipulated him to the point where they were engaged (broke up now) and NOW she's saying she's pregnant. She lost her virginity when she was 13, and was pregnant once before at age 17, but had a miscarriage.

Also, during one of the months they were dating, she broke up with him, had sex with his best friend who is also a marine, and then went back to my friend. She's previously been married before and it lasted for about a year. He was in the Air Force, and it seems like all she does is date people in the military branches and tries to pin sh*t down on them (marriage,etc.)

His parents were trying to tell them to stay clear of her but he got mad at them and deleted all his family from his FB and no longer contacts them because of her.

Now, she's claiming she's pregnant with his baby, and he's nervous and saying sh*t like "I hope she has another miscarriage."

It bugs me a LOT. Not only the fact that it's with her and how she has a very bad reputation, but that he's WANTING her to have a miscarriage even though its his child. We just had a fight over it and I ended up calling him disgusting. I told him that he should have been smart rather than having sex with her numerous times without a condom. Its his fault where he's at now, and all he's doing is saying he hopes the child miscarries. After the fight, I don't want to really talk to him for awhile. What should I do? Should I just respect his decision even though its completely against what I believe in? (I would never wish a miscarriage on a woman, no matter how bad I don't like her.)


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  • cut them both out of your life

    • Even though he's my best friend? :o

      She's not in my life, I wouldn't want her to be, but he's been in my life pretty much the majority of it :(

    • well if you ever want a guy to take you serious of course what do you think a guy woud want you. o this is my best friend we f***ed for three years and he left me for a slut lol wake up lady and realize he needs to go

    • You're right. thank you =]

  • Are you sure that it,s his child?. She sounds like she is a bike where any military bloke can have a ride. If you speak to him, tell him to get her to have a blood or dna test on the child when born.

    • For some reason he's mesmerized thinking she would NEVER cheat on him. I've told him to get a dna test but he states "naw, if the child is born, I know its mine but I hope she just haves a miscarriage. if she does, I'm taking her out of my life." :( but I hope he would wake up and realize that she DOES hop from man to man so I definitely do think she would cheat. lol thanks for your response =]

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