I'm always seen as a 'bro', so how do I fix that?

I hang out with guys more often than I hang out with girls, and I usually go drinking with them or watch sports or something, so I've become a 'bro'. the problem though, is that sometimes I'm attracted to one of the guys who thinks of me only as a bro, so I'm friend zoned... how can I fix that?

also, I've had guys that are friends express interest in me, except I just thought they were being friendly as always and didn't realize that they were interested until after someone told me, which is another problem I guess. I'm so used to being friendly with guys that I don't really see or realize when a guy is interested in me as more than a friend.

i really am not the kind of girl that throws herself at guys, and I'm not really comfortable with that haha.


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  • show them your boobs

    • hahaha I guess that would be the most direct approach :P

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  • Well obviously you are not friend zoned as you have just said that they are interested, but you don,t realize it. If you like one of them and you are friends then you should be able to talk to the one you like with ease and ask them whether they would like to go for lunch or something, but just the two of you, and dress up to the max and tell them that you are attracted to them. If you don,t then you will never get anywhere.

  • unfriendzone yourself...flirt..show interest...theres no magic words or actions to show someone your interested, other then being interested and flirting...showing your actually interested


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  • There is nothing to fix. Really, nothing at all. Continue to be friends. However, if your feelings continue to bother you, than maybe you should just tell the guy.

    If they are your friends, then I am sure they wouldn't mind your honest feelings.

    If you don't want to date- tell him. If you don't want things to get awkward-tell him.

    Wait, does the guy you like already have a girlfriend/fiancé`/wife? If so, then that is a whole other ballgame. lol

    • hahaha no not at all, I was actually cheated on after my first time with the guy, and I can't stand it when people cheat on each other. even if it's my best friend trying to go after a guy who's involved with someone else, I would tell her.

      and yeah I guess, that's what I've done in the past haha. I literally just keep telling myself the feeling will pass and to get over it :/ eventually that's not gonna work anymore though haha. but thank you! :)

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