Anyone feel weird not talking to the girl you're dating for a week straight?

I've been dating this girl and we talked so often (almost every other day) for about a month and still going strong. She went on a cruise for a week with her family so I guess there's no service or it's difficult to get internet.

She told me to send her a fb message during the week and I did. But she hasn't been on Facebook yet so I haven't gotten a response. It just feels weird not talking for a while.

I don't feel insecure like she's doing something. I mean I sort of miss talking to her


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  • Well she is on vacation with her family... So don't be offended but she is probably busy. I know my family doesn't like it when I text my boyfriend during family time. I'm sure everything is fine. If you can't trust her then it's not a good relationship. Just text her when she gets home.

  • Im sure she is just having a fun time :) plus the cruise ship may not have wifi. That's is sweet that you miss her, as long as you have a positive viewpoint on your relationship, and trust her, then everything should be fine! I hope you get in contact with her soon!


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