What have I done?! Don't know whether I can deal with it...

I really had a crush on this boy, we made out and fooled around at a party, then afterward neither of us mentioned it (we're friends and see each other basically everyday). So a good friend of mine, super flirty and confident, who texted him all the time, ends up finding out he likes her and, seeing as she likes him, they start flirting a lot and then he does the same treatment to her. And when she talked to me about it, I advised her to make the first move (because I'm a super awesome friend, obviously). She kissed him, and now they are going out, pretty much (they define it as friends with benefits because neither of them are up for anything serious). But I still have feelings for this boy and I don't want to lose either of them as friends, but I don't know whether I can handle seeing them kissing, cuddling, or whatever. Has anyone been in this situation and what did you do? How did it end?


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  • Keep you distacne from both of them.

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