There are two guys I like and I don't know which one to choose?

so the are two guys one I already dated and recently broke up with... the other is like my best friend and have known him forever!... but I don't know which too choose the one I broke up with Because we were going a little fast and we have told each other we loved each other and I said it to the other guy too and he loves me too...

but I did a test on both of them and asked what if I died what would you do? the guy I Haven't dated said he would kiss me until I came back to life and wouldn't leave my side ever until I came back to life... the guy I have dated said what if he died and didn't even tell me what he would do...

then the guy I have dated always wanted to talk about sex and crap like that and called me sexy not pretty or beautiful... and he is way older then me and lives like two hours away from me...

while the guy I Haven't dated calls me beautiful everyday and pretty and makes hearts to me on text and lives like 5 min away from me and knows everything about me and won't talk sex stuff with me because he loves me too much to just use me like that at least that's what he said... and I really like this guy a lot

but I don't know which to choose because I love them both and I can't decide can you guys choose for me who I should go with? the one who I Haven't dated or the one I have dated?


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  • DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND, the one you never dated

    • but y?

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    • Very Good Call, I am very happy for you both. But most of all him. I was in a similar situation and the girl chose the other guy. They broke up 6 months later and I didn't want to be with her anymore. Did not want to see this happen to somebody else.

    • oooohhhh thanks :) your really nice and he and I i think will be a good couple the way he treats me :)

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