Online dating question. Please help :)

OK, so I messaged this girl a couple days ago. She's my "dream girl". She responds and even asks me a question. I respond to her and she answers back and asks me a question again. So I reply to her but she never responded :/ I sent a decent message I thought! So what should I do? It's been two days w/o a response from her and I know she's been online a couple times since then. What sucks is she responded in like 5 minutes on each of my first two messages and then my final message I got nothing from...

Is it possible my message just got lost in a group of other messages she got? Or is she just not interested? When should I message her again?


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  • yes there's a very good chance that she might have got bombarded by too many messages. there's a lot of people out there who will serial texts every darn person they see on line. so maybe she's just not sure whose for real and whose a head case. if you want to chat with her again then just send her a message letting her know. there's no sense in waiting and wondering when you can just find out for your self and know where to go from there. at least you know what your dream girl is and that your not just some lost puppy like so many others are. good luck on this.

    • What should I say in the message to her? It's weird... this has never happened to me before but I actually really like her. And I've never even met her! It's crazy. I just want a chance to date her. I'm an attractive guy. Athletic, smart, everything. So I'm not some creeper going after some godlike girl. She's beautiful, seems smart, and is someone I can somehow see myself with. But I don't know what to say to her to get her to respond again :/

    • then that's what you should tell her. exactly what just you told me. lol why not? right? you should just go with your own feeling about this and no matter what stay genuine to yourself most of all. take care and make sure you have fun :o)

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  • Maybe she didn't get your message.

    Why is she your dream girl if you never met?

    Just curious I have An online crush myself but I think he only see me as a friend probably doesn't find me hot and he doesn't reply my messages either and I know he read them

  • She was probably busy, maybe too busy to appreciate your messages. Message her anytime you like, perhaps give her some time first incase she's still caught up with other things.

    She might not like messages anyway... maybe just ask if she wants to chat or not before you do?


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