Why did he stop messaging me?

I'm not so sure why but, every time I find a guy that I like and we start talking for a while then all of a sudden he stops talking to me. This happens with every guy I've ever talked to and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong to fix it. I always see them online (I'm doing on line dating now) but he still hasn't answered my message and I feel that I'm making the same mistakes over and over again. what should I do? to find out the reason!


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  • My experience with online dating (I've ended up in relationships with some women I've met online so I know both sides) is that overwhelmingly women get a lot of hits and messages whereas men usually get left out/ ignored...At least from my experience a typical successful online encounter goes like this: message each other quick short flirty messages, turns into messaging long ones with more substance, turns into Facebook friends and phone exchange, turns into texting, turns into meeting up and more :P

    A failed encounter goes like this: message each other quick short flirty messages, turns into longer ones with substance. They start asking less and less questions, and end up just answering your questions...then their response frequency also drops. Then they ignore you all together :(

    That's my experience with online dating haha

    • haha yea mine is like the second one but I don't ask much questions I just tend to respond.

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  • It may be the type of questions you ask them. Or you might ask them way too many. Besides, dating sites really are the worst place to try to meet people. Most of the users are liars and there's lots of attention whores who don't care about talking to anyone. They just want to see how many messages they can receive.

    • Maybe they think of me as an attention whore man I hope not most of my pics look like I'm too full of myself. I don't mean them to look like that it just comes out that way at time. :(

    • That's the thing. Most attention whores post photos like that. There's nothing wrong with having appealing pics of yourself, but don't have many of them. Of course, from what you're saying I can tell you aren't one. Don't respond to guys who flirt from the start. Those guys ARE attention whores. Respond to guys who actually approach you with something that can start off a real conversation. I know, "Hey. How are you?", sounds lame but it can turn into something interesting.

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  • Are there certain topics you get into before this always happens? How frequently are you messaging them? Is it over Skype, IM? Is it a dating website?

    Are any of their personalities similar?

    • Yea I tend to stay away from certain topics untile I get to know them more. its a dating website. Yes we have kind of a similar personalities. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if they just lost interest. I just really want to know what I'm doing wrong. I'm new to the dating world so I don't know much about it.