Should I quit wasting my time on him?

So I became friends with a cute guy that has a pretty good job and we started our first date with a sushi place, walking, and to bars. The first kiss I had gotten from him was that night and that was the night that the way his kiss was I didn't want to date him. So we settled on "friends with benefits.

The first time we went out to eat (split the tab) and then he got an expensive hotel room at the Marriott. The night was good. But then he tried said he didn’t have any rubbers and said he was a "clean boy" and I had some but just the start of that was a turn-off. Sadly I didn't end up having a happy ending that night. I didn't text/ call him after that. He had text me 3 wks later wanting to try again since I told him why I wasn't so "eager."

The second time he wanted to go get dinner again but I had avoided that by making a pun on how we always wants to go out to eat with me so we ended up not doing it (I was happy.) Then he had not text me for hours and we were suppose to meet up and "do something" but he ended up going to his bosses to move stuff. So I had went out with friends and then he texts saying he had gotten a room and was available. I made him wait in the room for 2 hours, because I was busy. Then when I got there it was as if he was trying to be too cute about the whole situation and went into it slow so I had to speed it up. I kept wanting to do more stuff so I could have a happy ending but he was tired and looked at if he was going to pass out. Then why call me back?

Then in the morning he gets all smoochy before he leaves to New Jersey. When he left it had occurred to me that I felt nothing but in a lot of situations he seems to force himself to act like a considerate boyfriend. I'm wondering if I should quit wasting my time with this, because it doesn't seem effective, even though the company is kind of nice.Its been a week and neither of us have tried contacting the other.

I think I just answered myself! lol


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  • Yeah I honestly think you should, with and if you feel you should also.


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