Is this more than casually dating?

I am casually dating this guy which means it isn't serious but he always texts me and he messages me saying he misses me and when we are out in public he holds my hand pays for things and he also gives me kisses. When we were with friends he does the same thing and he jokes around saying "aren't we being the typical cheesy couple?" Also I am Canada for a month and a half this summer so he could have said lets not date because when we go back to school he will be in Colorado and I will be back in California...then he comes home from college and we may have four months together. I really want to be serious we started causally dating two weeks before I left for Canada so we have been together technically three weeks when I get back in July it will be nine weeks. So far he messages me and says he misses me. Before I left he text me saying have fun and I will be thinking of you. Is it possible that he will want to be more when I get back. Should I ask him that I want us to be serious before we leave for college? I really want to...

What if I want more than a fling? I have known him for a year and a half and he has dated other girls ldr before... should I ask him and see what he says
I am sorry everyone who is dumping on ldr and I found out he spoke to my friend about me and he told her that he really likes me and wants to see where it goes and when it comes to us both going back to college we will talk about it and also I am a fourth year in college only have a year or two left so it isn't a big deal


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  • You are having a fling. When you go to college, it's going to be over because you won't see him hardly ever, so there would be no point in trying to stay together.

    He might be just fine with a summer fling, but he's trying to make it clear that he doesn't want to get involved in a LDR once you go off to college, because there isn't much in a LDR for anyone. So if a summer fling is what you want, tell him, and he'll probably be receptive. But forget about anything happening once you're at school.

    • I know you WANT more than a fling, but unless you're going to switch colleges to be wtih him, what you want doesn't matter. The situation isn't going to allow you to be together, and LDRs are pointless with the level of commitment you're going to have, especially given the amount of time you'll be apart. Even if you're totally faithful, he'll stray. No one can be lonely for years at a time in the face of a hundred other options they see every day.

  • what mr oracle said is right. He doesn't want anything more than a fling


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