Why does he take so long to text back?

I've just started going out with a guy who's shy and inexperienced. We we text it takes him ages to text back, sometimes even a few hours. I find it hard to hold any sort of a conversation with such long gaps between texts. This is at times when he's not busy. Also every time I try a flirty message he changes the subject to something boring. Is this because he's shy? Any ideas?


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  • Don't text, call. Better yet, leave most of the talking for when you're actually together.


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  • He may just be really busy and have a lot going on in his life to where he can't be by his phone all the time so that he can reply a text within what you feel is quick timing

  • You should stop texting for awhile and let him text you because when you don't give him the attention that he's getting from you he will start looking for your attention because if he really likes you he will start to wonder if you found some one else that better then him. after that little shock of worrry he will defienitly make time for your text messages.

    then there the chance he not that much into you into. that's when you need to walk away from the relationship

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