He rain checked me last week, but I think it was sincere, what to do now?

I recently reconnected with I guess you could say an old flame. We never dated but there was always flirtation and a mutual interest.

But we started talking and last week, I texted him on my days off and suggested we meet to catch up. We made tentative plans to get together and I told him to text my with details the day of. He texted me early in the day to tell me he was really sorry, couldn't make it, gave a legit sounding excuse, and that he would have to owe me one with a winky face. I said no problem, and then we continued to talk, and he asked me where I would like to go when we get together and we decided on a place. So because of that I don't think he was blowing me off. He had told me to let him know when my next days off were and I casually mentioned them at that time.

We texted a bit the next day but not since, he sent the last text. Well now I am in the middle of my first day off and have tomorrow too, but have not heard from him. I don't really expect him to be carrying around the info in one text of when I was free again, so I feel I should text him.

So I guess I am just looking for content for the text that sounds relaxed and whatev, but makes the most out of the fact that today and tomorrow are my days off. I work a lot of hours so if not today or tomorrow its several more days before I can meet again.

So what do I say?


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  • Um...don't people use phones anymore?! Why just text? Why not pick up the phone and actually talk? That's different! Call him, leave a message if you have to. Tell him you're off, wanted to chat, hit you back when he gets a chance. Hang up and go on about your business with out overanalyzing the whole thing. Dating should be fun people!

    Hope you do finally get to go out.

    • You're right, total over analyzation. But no, people don't use phones anymore, at least not the calling feature. Besides, I prefer texting because it keeps things light, rather than having a long phone conversation, that leaves you with less to talk about later.

      But I did text him a simple "Off tomorrow, let me know if you want to get that drink" and got an immediate response and set up plans. Thanks for the answer!

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