Should I meet with this stranger?

I was on the train commute to campus on Friday, going over my notes for class when this guy came and sat next to me.

I didn't pay any attention to him and kept going over my notes and he was on the phone.

After he was done he started talking to me and he was really nice and (very attractive ;) anyway we talked all the way to school and after we got of at our stop he asked for my number and I gave it to him

he texted me yesterday to see if I could go out with him. I haven't replied because I started thinking about and I don't know the guy at all. he's a complete stranger, I've never seen him before that day. tho he is nice and all that.

should I just meet with him?

he wants to pick me up and just hang out I guess dinner all that

am I just being overly paranoid?


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  • Of course you're acting paranoid! We're all strangers until we get to know each other. He's asking you out on a date...not on a camping trip alone in the woods. Lol!

    You thought he was cute, you had a great conversation...HE CALLED the next day! There's no guessing games here. And what a great, "how we met story" that is. I have a good feeling about this one. Unless he turns out to be some psychotic wierdo, (which I don't think he is)

    Go ahead, give him a call. Of course, pick somewhere super public and stay out of bedrooms and vans until you feel perfectly safe. lol!

    Happy Dating!


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  • meet with him on campus, or in a public area.

    Also, be sure to make him call you before meeting with him. This serves two purposes: 1) respect, and 2) hearing his voice, so you know it's him. Just playfully say "you gotta call me" or something along the lines.

    Be safe!

  • There's nothing wrong with meeting a complete stranger, but you have to be safe about it. Don't let him pick you up, drive yourself or take public transit to where you are meeting the guy, and make sure it's in a public place as well. A restaurant, or something of that nature. Don't go to his house until you know more about him.

    • yea I think meeting in a public place is a definite, like a resturant and Ill probably drive myself. Ill text him and see.

      Thanks for your answer :)

  • you can meet up with him but just be safe about it


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