We're on the MU stage but..

one night, he texted me and told me that we couldn't be together because his parents told him that he could only have a girlfriend after he finish college. and he like slapped that into my face with such harsh words! now I really wonder if he really did have feelings on me or was I just another game. and its not like I am going to hinder his studies! now he asks me if I wanted to stay as a friend and continue to text him or not. but I'm afraid that if I hold on to him much longer, my feelings will deepen. what should I do?


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  • I think you should cut everything off. Just tell him that your feelings are too strong for now and that you will back off for a little while. And tell him that after that maybe you two will be able to be friends. Do not accept the friend status cause that's his way to keep you on the hook. If he cannot fight his parents for you then he is not worth it.

    • you're right. but it really hurts :((

      anyway, thanks!

    • Yeah, I know... I've been in the same situation. But its the only way to keep your chin up. And sometimes when he knows he has something to lose he will find out how much its worth... ! But, in the end... Its your life and you should choose your own way. Be sure to do it in a style that will not cause regrets! :-) BEst of luck!

    • thanks a lot :)

      I hope he would realize it much faster.

  • yey kababayan again.. I'm filipina too :)) strict parents to a SON? I find it pretty uncommon, couldn't it be he just want to find an excuse to not have a relationship with you? :/

    • maybe, maybe not. di ko rin po alam eh. college na po siya and before na high school pa lang siya, he was saying that he'd wait for me to graduate at manliligaw siya but now, he wants me to wait for him. parang ayoko po ng ganoong set-up. :((

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    • haha :)

      echos! nag-eemote talaga ako dito :)

    • hehe OK lng yan, lahat naman tayo dumaan sa ganyan :)

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