Has anyone ever dated a neighbor? Did it ever work out?

Long story. I'll be as short as I can. About 2 months ago, I met my new neighbor. He moved back home to care for his ill mother. He is quite a bit older than me (not a issue to me at all) and he started chatting with me because he noticed my dogs outside. He loves dogs and especially huskies. I do live at home with my parents and brother now too...I was honest about this from day 1. As I told him I lived alone but could not afford it on my own with both dogs and I wanted to care for my disabled brother full time for a while. He understood and respected it. Things have gone from just hi's and smiles and brief chats to more lengthy chats and he initiates quite a bit of them. However all have been with my dogs there because its usually when I am out walking them. About 3 weeks ago, I went out of the country and before I left I stopped by and knocked to wish him well on a surgery he was gonna have, turns out, he chatted with me about 40 min that day and was really OK with me coming by like that. So when I got home, I once again did and he was OK with it. His mom is very shy and does not like meeting people, rarely leaves the house. End of May, he introduced me to her. Then I find out, she gets so happy when I come by, she runs down the hall to tell him I am there and follows him to the door. The other day she was outside and waved at me and smiled and said hello. She has never done this in all the years I lived by her. every time this guy and I interact, he looks into my eyes. He often will "re-enact" things such as what happened at a t-ball game and will shake his butt and such, he tells me jokes and laughs at mine. He remembers a lot of things I tell him (like when I was going away and when I come back and where to) he always tries to relate to me and he tells me a lot about his childhood. ALWAYS brings up his dog who looks like mine. He told me something quite personal about his mom and grandma which caught me off guard. I know he has one other neighbor, a man, who he talks to quite a bit. However, no one ever visits his house. He even tells me this. He seems shy overall but chats happily with me. He is always smiling at me and saying hi when he sees me. I am crazy over him. Never felt like this about anyone, it feels so perfect and right being with him but yet, I can't help but feel, he is "only being a nice neighbor". I know 2 months ago he briefly mentioned "a lady friend" but never since. However I doubt its serious, he is home with his mom every night and rarely leaves, usually for baseball. He even tells me this stuff. I just wanna know, am I crazy for thinking I could have a chance with someone I live so close to? Does he probably think its lame I live at home even though I have my own business too and am independent? I am saving to move out again. Am I reading too much into it or could he like me? Please see reference question, with my one, issue that worries me. I am so in love... I can't think straight. :)

ok never mind the reference question doesn't show, anyway if you look at my profile, its the one about texting


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  • NO, you're not crazy. He tries to bring up conversations of things that the two of you have in common. Maybe you should try to initiate setting up a place to meet; start by asking him to walk your dog with you, and eventually lose the dog and go to dinner :P. He probably thinks its fine as he lives at home as well, and it shows that you really care for your family and your brother (which is a positive trait in everyone). If he's always home with his mother, you could even cook them dinner or invite him over. His mother obviously likes you which is good :) Anyway, just try asking him... not "out" but for some casual activities and see how he responds.

    • I did early on, invite him over to my dogs party and he never came lol but he was busy and we were still getting to know each other. I'll try the walk or dog park thing. something WITH them is best first I agree. I just can't help but think he is only nice to me because of them... even though many people say they think he likes me. Anyway thanks for the answer :)

    • Well... He could only be nice to you because of the dog thing OR he could be talking about the dog thing because its common ground between you two and its what you can talk about