Guys how far will you go with a girl whom you just want to "hit it and quit it"?

ok so you meet a really cute girl and she younger..much younger than you..

of course you don't want anything serious with just want to get it her into bed and then ..bye bye..

first of all would you tat her name?or does that only happen when your truly committed?

would you ask her her out?if yes how long will you be with her..if she didn't give you what you wanted and you're like OK enough waiting you don't give me what you want then bye..

and last if you do ask her out but its obvious you don't want anything serious do you cheat on her?

please be honest thanks:)


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  • First, tattooing a lover's name on yourself, even if you are committed, is stupid. Nothing is a sure thing where relationships are concerned.

    Assuming I wanted sex, I'd certainly ask her out. I'd probably be with her as long as the sex was good and she wasn't causing me any grief. If I wasn't getting the sex, I probably would leave.

    If it's obvious that I don't want anything serious with her, then I could sleep with a hundred other women on the same day that I screwed her, and it still wouldn't be cheating.

    • ok so if like you said if she didn't give you the sex you would leave..but how long would you "date" her before like saying OK I'm not getting anything so bye..1 month..two..three?

    • That depends entirely on how badly I wanted to have sex with her. Could be twelve minutes, could be a year.

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  • tat her name?

    Ask her out? Maybe?

    I have not, actually, seen that men are unwilling to 'get serious' with much younger women.

    Most often, men aren't _looking_ for anything serious. Something serious just HAPPENS to us.

    I wouldn't cheat on anyone in that type of situation.

    There's a range of 'things I want'. If she gave me nothing I wanted, I would not be around for very long at all. If she was giving me some of what I wanted, I could wait much longer.

  • I never even considered doing that with a girl who wasn't about the same age as me: ( just once an older girl, but :-( NEVER one that was, let's say more than 10 percent younger)

    When I still did that, it was the girl who decided how far we would go.

  • -I hope no one would do that for just anyone. I think it's stupid even if you were committed.

    -They will to keep her on the line.

    -It's not cheating if you aren't committed with each other.

    This is assuming that you are in the friends with benefits situation. He might genuinely like you, and none of this needs to be worried about.


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