Waiting for him to text back?

I just recently got into a relationship, like a day ago, and my boyfriend and I were suppose to go to the movies yesterday and hang out. But he text me in the morning saying he couldn't go because people we coming over to his house and his grandma wanted him to stay and entertain them (he lives with his grandma). I texted him OK, because I was a little disappointed,but then a few minutes later, I texted him asking when he wanted to hang out, and he didn't reply back. Why didn't he? And what should I do. Please help me out!

BTW, it was his idea to hang out on Sunday.


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  • umm... don't get panic.. I know how it feels when someone doesn't text you back

    take it lightly,don't think too much.

    there are many possibilities for not txting you back like- maybe he's busy or his phone was lost,etc

    you know we did wrong things(like acting needy) when we're in panic mode lol,

    he'll surely reply back but don't remind him to hang out every time, because you know how it sounds like :P

  • let him text you back give him a bit as he said he has people over his house which means he's more then like socially busy. Give him some time.

    • I have been waiting since 10:37 am since yesterday, and he only sent me one text cancelling on me and he hasn't texted me today so far:/ I just want to see him, I havnt seen him in a few weeks...

    • then call him first...don't text.

    • but I already sent him a message telling him OK and asking him if he wanted to hang out, and then hours later, I sent a blank text message ...wouldnt this come off as clingy ?

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