Are/were your parents awkward when it comes/came to the opposite gender? Also, I wouldn't mind some advice. :)

Mine are. Last time I asked a girl out was my first and only time as well, and after I told my parents I was going to (cause I needed their permission first of course), my mom told me that if we were to become boyfriend/girlfriend to save sex for until it was right. We hadn't even gone on one date yet lol, and she didn't even end up saying yes. And they made it really weird cause they kept asking me if I had asked her yet all the time. Another time I was in the car with my dad and older brother, and my brother brought up the topic of girls and dances and how I should go to dances, and my dad started trying to give me advice saying that I should go to a dance and go up to a girl and be like "I don't give a sh*t if you say no, but let's dance." It's not even like he was being cool about it, cause he's a pretty dorky guy.

I've asked a girl out now, but it hasn't quite been organized yet (we've just said we should do it sometime next week). I don't quite know how to tell my parents. I can't just tell them I'm going with a friend, cause they'd ask what friend and everything. Oh, and yes, I live with them haha. And I can't drive. I'd probably be able to bus there, but they probably wouldn't want me walking/bussing back in the evening... they're like that haha. Any tips on how to tell them while making it as not-awkward as possible?

And of course, what are/were your parents like?

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  • Well as far as my parents know I've never even liked a guy lol. The last thing I need/want is a relationship/dating/sex convo with me mom. For a while she thought I was a lesbian with my best friend at the time, and she had some overreaction freakouts, but yeah there was nothing there like that.

    She never really had a sit down with me on the subject ever, it was just assumed that because my family is conservative catholic that there's no possible way to have sex before marriage and all that jazz...she probably doesn't know that I'm an atheist either for that matter. Over all it's weird, awkward and we disagree on everything so I avoid it.

    For your situation, I'd just tell them. As an adult (18-24 range as you have indicated) they might not be as overbearing about it. Or just tell them you're going out, avoid details, and tell them you'll be back later if you don't want to talk about it.

    Good luck on your date!

    • Wow yeah ha ha I'm pretty much the same as you! I'm not quite an atheist cause I just don't know what to believe in, but I definitely wouldn't say I'm religious. And they're very religious. One of my brothers has already said he doesn't believe in God, but that didn't turn out well for him LOL. My parents are still trying to make him believe. And before I asked that girl out, as far as they knew I'd never liked a girl.

      I'm still in high school lol. But yeah I'll just try telling them directly.

    • thanks for the BA!

    • Lol no problem. I could relate a lot to your answer. In any case I never ended up telling my parents, I just bussed there and back saying I was going with a friend.

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  • That's part of your parent's job, and I know how annoying it can be. The best advice I can give you is to act like its no big deal. Flat out tell them and they'll start being better about it. They'll still bug you a lot and drive you up the wall... but just imagine, they've always been the main people in your life and now your having a romance=independence=growing up in their eyes. If you just tell them and be honest about your answers it will slowly go away. Since I've guessed that you have an older brother who has been with girls more, your parents should have already gone through this with them. You will undoubtedly get the sex talk, but your parents just want you to know they care.

    Advice: Make it seem casual and don't be shy to your parents

    • I've definitely already had the sex talk haha. That's not even what I meant by their being awkward. I meant that it's just really hard and uncomfortable to talk to them about girls.

      Alright, sounds good. I'll try just doing that.

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    • Ah, well lucky you... I still guarantee that you will get it at least one more time :) PS: if you say thank you for caring or something cheesy like that they will definitely give you space

    • Damn, that sucks... but oh sick thanks for the protip! Hahaha hope it works :P

  • LOL No, my mom is not awkward at all. In fact, she's so comfortable she makes ME uncomfortable. The first time I went away with a guy, I told her about my plans and she said, "Okay. We're going to take you to the doctor and get you on birth control."


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