Here comes another "What does it mean" *(?), hehe.

She was drunk texting me this night.

It went back and forth like ten times, when finally I told her to text me when she's not tipsy or drunk. I don't like alcohol, and how it changes people,(Socially drinking I can do) when extremely intoxicated.


Yeah, to the point.. at the end she said that "You are and will remain my new "candatdooo".

After a few clicks on the internet I found a couple of possible meaning.

A: a lock..

B: singing..

C: Have no idea..

Any one out there who knows Spanish that could shed some light ,would be fantastic, and what do you guys think. I believe she likes me more then just friends.

Thank you in advance*

She uses Spanish so I don't see the full meaning right away and when drunk, Of course extra letters jumps in and that's not making it easier, lol.


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  • Really? Really? SHE WAS DRUNK! It means nothing!

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