What to do with a guy I like?

I'm 18 years old I don't drive and neither does the guy I like.

I've known him almost my whole life I just never talked to him all that much so I don't know everything about him.

we recently started talking and he said he wasn't a good texter so I suggested for us to hang out and he told me to let him know on something that id like to do.

i don't live in such a small town but there's not much to do around here

there's a few parks, woods, and little stores nothings else really is in a walking distance...

i was looking for maybe something simple that we could do that would be fun.

i really like him and I don't want to mess anything up cause when I'm with him I can't stop smiling and neither could he lol.

any help will me useful (I can sometimes get ideas from peoples help :) )


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  • picnic, drive in movies, go to the supermarket together, pick a recipe and make dinner together, go fishing, rent a TV season and have a marathon cuddling on the couch :) go volunteer at an animal shelter together (sounds corny but is really fun)