What does it mean when a guy stops texting?

My conservative (married) sister met a guy whom she thought would be perfect for me. When she told me about him, she just wasn't sure how she would get us to meet without making it so awkward. The next morning, I received a Facebook request from this guy telling me how he met my sister and if I'd be okay with being friends on FB. From all that my sister had already said, yes I was interested so of course I accepted his request. We texted each other on and off for the next week until going out the following weekend, and meeting for the first time as well. I felt like we hit it off! We continued texting each other and went out again the following weekend. He seemed very interested and talked about going out again. a few days later, his texts mellowed and a few days more they stopped altogether. I was confused...to say the least. I casually initiated small conversations (still via text) and he would answer, casually as well. As the days progressed he stopped texting again and I decided I wouldn't be the first to initiate things again..I didn't want to seem needy. Long story short, 2 WHOLE weeks later, I still hadn't heard anything from him so I decided to send him a funny text basically saying Hi. He quickly answered and asked how I was, etc. I answered and told hi about a new place I had gone to. Although I didn't flat out ask him, I assume that most people, at hearing my description of the place, would respond enthusiastically and probably suggest we go there. Not only did he not suggest anything, he simply just didn't answer! Have I completely screwed everything up by seeming needy by having initiated the last few texts...and am I crazy for not having already asked him "What Gives"?


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  • Maybe he wants your sister to set you guys up all the way to marriage. He should really have asked you out by now unless he's not interested. Have you even talked on the phone yet?

    If you want to give it one last shot, text him something like "What do you think about (movie). I don't know why but I wanna see it and none of my friends do."

    Be playful. Make it an easy setup for a date. If he doesn't get the hint forget about this guy. He's either dense or he's not interested. For either one you don't want to bother.

    • Thanks, that's helpful! I have been in doubt whether or not to suggest a date of some sort but part of me just wants to ask WTF?! I sort of been contemplating if I should just say something like.."I don't mean to put on the spot but I was under the impression that we had a good time and maybe even hit it off. Is there a reason why you stopped talking out of the blue?!"

      I obviously won't but it kind of bugs me to have had someone act so hot and cold from one moment to the next! Must be me =/

    • It's understandable to be bothered by someone's inconsistency. Still, give it one last shot, but after that you need to try to move on. Even in the beginning of a relationship there should be some back and forth, and he's not giving you anything. Do you want a guy so inconsistent? So hot and cold? Someone who can't even muster up the courage or brains to ask for a date after you gift wrap him an invitation?

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