Had to choose between two of my best friends to date, what went wrong?

okaay so .. I had a crush on my friend , then she became my best friend , I didn't think it could work so I forgot about it ...

another friend who was really close to me , we were flirting then I told her that I like her but the thing is she travelled with her mum to another country and she's coming back in summer ... so we Skype .. and I asked her out on a date when she comes here and she accepted.

the first girl knew about her then sent me a message while I was skyping with the 2nd girl saying ...

"I like you , and understand it as you want"

I read the message out loud , the 2nd girl was like ... I don't know what to tell you but ... know that I love you (she wasn't obvious flirting before that)

That was all like 2 months ago ...

i called the first girl and told her that I had a crush on her back then but I didn't think it mattered .. but I don't want things to go south between us so , we'll have to wait til summer to know how I'm feeling...

Summer came up ... for some reason the second girl and I stopped talking for like 3 weeks .. and the first girl told me she loves me and asked me "How do you feel about the second girl and do you still talk to her" I answered "well I feel like she's an ex , I care about her but no feelings .. and I haven't talked to her in 3 weeks .."

she was like "I love you <3"

She told my best friend that she wants me to ask her out .. so I did and we dated for 9 days ... thing were weird and I was in a bad mood .. she came to me saying she's not comfortable so I ended things and she wants us to be back to best friends ,

that was 4 days ago ... and she called me the night we broke up then she hasn't called me for 2 days .. I called her .. she told me she's embarassed and things were weird , now I want things to be back to normal , she gets jealous when I talk about other girls ... she claims that she doesn't love me .. but I know she does and her best friend told me that she loves me deeply.

P.S I'm her first boyfriend

What went wrong and what should I do?


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  • take both out at the same night, one from 6-8 and another from 8-10 and then pick one to screw from 11 - till you ejaculate.


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  • Choose neither. Clearly, you are not sufficiently into eighther of them. Have fun while it lasts.

  • " thing were weird and I was in a bad mood" ---- this answer what went wrong, anyway if you still have feelings for her then just tell her frankly about it, you've been best friends so communicating to her wouldn't be that hard.

    • she's new at this , if I treated her how she deserves , this wouldn't have happened ..

      the thing is she says she's not comfortable at the new position ..

      but I think that's only because of how I've been treating her

      she claims she doesn't love me ... "just like me " which is absurd because she's jealous and her best friend says she loves deeply :/ I want a solution that will get me back together with her without me being rejected meh :/

    • ok what you can do is just tell her what you feel for her, apologize for treating her that way.. be very convincing you can give her flowers, chocolates stuff like that and you can send her sweet messages after that just simply wait and see.. the ball is on her court now :)

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