Would it be a bad idea to call him or should I just forget about it?

PLEASEEE HELP!! Guys especially!

So a few months ago a met a guy at my work we started going on dates and things seemed really good. He is from out of state and goes to school out here so after spring semester was over he was going back to visit his family. The two weeks before his departure I was extremely caught up with work and school stuff I wasn't trying to purposely blow him off though he might have thought so. Anyways the day before he left he came to visit me at work and he was trying to talk to me but we didn't actually get to have a conversation because my boss was on my case the whole day. However after he left we still kept in contact for about two weeks. But now it's been about a month and a half I know he is suppose to be coming back for summer semester in about a week and I've been thinking a lot about him lately but we haven't talked at all in almost a month. What are your overall thoughts?


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  • Call him, why not. It's better to know if it's Over, rather than just blindly hoping its still okay.

    From what I understand I think he still likes you but I can't speculate that well. Goodluck I hope this helps.

    • Im thinking about texting him but I'm not sure what to say.. I was thinking of making it simple like hey, how are you? but I really don't know...any ideas

    • Yeah keep it simple and kinda casual, don't wanna come off too strong and freak him out

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  • He's clearly interested in you, but he may be unsure if you have any left in him.

    Been thinking of him? Why not send a little message saying "Hey, I've been thinking of you lately, hope all is well."

    If you're interested in someone, and they have already invested themselves (he showed up to your work!) then don't make the mistake of not reciprocating (at least a little bit).


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