If the person you were dating just STOPPED contacting you...

Would you contact them to ask them, what's up, what's going on?

This happened to me and I'm so lost. I have a feeling he might be mad at me but I have no clue. Should I ask what's up or will that make me look weak?

This isn't some guy I just met, we've known each other for YEARS.


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  • You guys were dating, and you've known him for years. Sounds obvious you should contact him, stop being like so many girls waiting in their corners. Contact him and see how he is, there can be a lot of reasons why he hasn't contacted you recently, I don't understand what's up with girls not reaching for guys but obsessing 24/7 about not getting contacted! Do something, anything!


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  • Depends how long he hasn't contacted you for really. Also, what did you that makes you think he might be mad at you? He might just be confused?

  • i would wait a few days and ask.

    sometimes guys pull away for a bit. but he would come back within a week. if it goes more than a week you should contact him. it is not cool to blow off like that.

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