GUYS: when your texting girl.....

I was talking to my guy friend the other day.

he said "hows you day going?"

i said "i'm pretty good. been kinda stressful/tiring couple weeks tho. how bout you?

he didn't answer my question and instead said "im sorry why? :p"

and let me talk it out with him and made me feel special like he really actually cared..before now when I would say stuff like that he would apologize but then answer my question and not ask why ..what do you guys think? why did he actually take the time to listen and not just drop it like he used to? is it anything special?


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  • Maybe he wised up and learned how to listen. =P In past conversations did you try to tell him about it? If so he may have sensed your frustration when you got annoyed at him changing the subject. Adaptation... =P I don't apologize, but I generally ask why and listen. For me it's just a common courtesy and part of good communication. I wouldn't take it to mean anything particular other then he respects you enough to listen to what you have to say.

    • actually no...i just let it drop...and actually I guess I'm the one that ends up changing the subject a lot of times...that's why it was so surprising to me I guess

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